Turn out the lights, lie down in a quiet room, close your eyes and try not to cry…

This is how many migraine patients treat these debilitating headaches and if you suffer from migraines you may have prescribed to that treatment. Once the pain of a migraine creeps behind your eyes you are a prisoner to the pain and all you can focus on is that aching going away.

Migraines are a mystery to the traditional medical world and sometimes the recommendations can be confusing.

Take some caffeine it can reduce the symptoms of a migraine, reduce your intake of caffeine it can trigger a migraine?

Pain Meds don’t work

Migraine medications are often hit or miss, but one thing that’s certain is the pain from a migraine is consistent and sometimes can take days to go away. But do you have days to lie around and wait for the pain to subside? Most of us don’t have any extra time and our already stressful lives contribute to getting more migraines.

But there is an effective treatment that can first help reduce the intensity of migraine and eventually stop migraines all together.

What would it feel like to be free of migraine headaches and to function like a normal person?

Acupuncture treatment can help free you of Migraine pain

The British Medical Journal did research and found that migraine patients who received acupuncture received substantial benefits in preventing and stopping migraine headaches.

At Mei’s Acupuncture we help patients who suffer from migraines take back their life and improve the quality.

It all starts with an appointment with Mei

Mei Hagiwara studies under the tutelage of Dr. Zhu Gui Zhen, a ninth generation acupuncture master and Professor GaoZhi Xiang who has practice acupuncture for over sixty years.

She specializes in pain control and getting to the source of pain, but it all starts with a free consultation.

At this consultation Mei will:

  • Help you discover how Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can help rid you of migraines
  • Discuss your symptoms specifically and treatments for your migraine.

Call Mei today at 407-729-8808.

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