Acupuncture is a respected health care system around the world and probably the oldest continually practiced form of medicine in existence. The World Health Organization (WHO) acknowledges the proven effectiveness of acupuncture to treat many common problems and illnesses. Learn more about acupuncture.

Other Treatment Methods

Herbal Medicine Treatment:

Uses all natural plants and minerals as prescription medicine. Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbology is useful to treat many disorder and diseases. The herbs affect chi and blood, release the stagnation and regulate the yin and yang, to balance the whole body. Herbal treatments are used to enhance the affects of other treatments.

Auricular Acupuncture:

Use special points on the ear that correlate to various body organs and tissues. One such treatment uses special seeds that are taped to points on the ears. This technique can produce when used alone or as an enhancement of the effects of other treatments.


Is a therapy designed to stimulate the flow of energy and blood within the superficial muscles. It is used for sore muscles, tension, neck pain and the common cold.

Tuina: (Chinese Massage)

Is a soft tissue massage technique that moves the energy, blood, and fluids in various part of the body. It can relieve muscle pain, tension and inflammation and heal injuries.

Is a treatment that uses a burning herb above skin to “warm” acupoints and increase blood circulation.

Acupuncture Facials:

Is based on the theory that the facial muscles and skin are closely related to various organ systems, which are fed and nourished through the meridians, the chi(energy) and blood. Acupuncture improves skin elasticity which tightens skin and rehabilitates underlying muscle tissue. Acupuncture also improves blood and lymph circulation in the face and scalp. Acupuncture stimulates the body’s ability to regenerate itself by accelerating anti-inflammatory activity and removing accumulative toxins from the skin.

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